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Warmly congratulate our company on winning the award of

Time: 2015-12-29 View: 3254 Author: Ruicai
Sachs de was honored to be awarded the "star of growth" award, and Jiang received the award.

During the presentation ceremony, Jiang Zong posed for a group photo with senior international electronic business contacts.

The following are the most satisfactory distributor distributors selected by Chinese electronics industry managers (each prize winner in alphabetical order):

• ten major overseas distributors: Ai Rui electronics, amfuli, steed Dragon technology, DCP electronics, Shijian system, fulchang electronics, Hongkong Baxter (Group), Chuangxing electronics, trade and Ze electronics, Wei Ya and the United Nations General Assembly

Ten major local distributors: asin technology, bentil international, China electric power equipment, corp group, Shanghai Feng Bao Electronics, Yun Xin Technology, north Gao Zhi electronics, dream electronics, PAFA group and the world strong

Three star distributors: Beijing, Heilind, Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), and Yangcheng Electronics International.

Three best technology support distributors: Eden technology, Lida Technology and Wen Ye technology.

Mr. Wu Shounong, general manager of international electronic commerce, concluded the closing ceremony and let us "get together for 2015, ESM30 anniversary".

The electronic component distributor survey in 2014 started in December 16, 2013 and lasted for 4 months. In the first stage, the scope of the survey was basically covered by various types of distributors active in the Chinese distribution market. After strict filtration and screening, the effective responses of 179 distributors were selected as research samples. After a multi angle interview and investigation of the group, the 2014 Chinese distributor market survey report has been published in the magazine April issue. Then, according to the size of the distributor, brand awareness and growth rate involved in the first phase of the survey, many distributors were selected as the candidates to vote in the second stage. The second stage began in February 25, 2014 and, by March 31, 2014, received a total of 2260 effective responses from purchasing managers and engineers in China's electronic manufacturing enterprises.

As a survey project with fifteen years' history, the survey and selection of electronic components distributors in China has always insisted on finding distributors with deep service and outstanding comprehensive strength in the Chinese market, promoting the win-win development of the electronic industry chain, and providing mutual understanding for the continuous development of electronic industry. Improve the detailed data and analysis of cooperation satisfaction. This year's evaluation continued the past meticulous, strict style of work, in the statistical data, from the same IP address, the same company's voting is treated as one, non electronic industry sources vote is regarded as invalid.

This year's awards are divided into eight categories: "ten major overseas distributors", "ten major local distributors", "the most developing potential distributors", "best technical support distributors", "best supply capacity distributors", "best e-commerce distributors", "growth star distributors", and "analyst recommendation Award". An outstanding administrator of the year. Compared with previous years, some interesting changes have taken place in this year's list. It is not difficult to feel the changes of the Chinese distributor market in the past year.
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