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Rui Cai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. - HUAWEI China's excellent channel partners in China

Time: 2015-12-29 View: 6814 Author: Rui Cai
In March 30, 2015, the HUAWEI terminal China regional department held the 2015 module agency conference. Jiang Xiangyang, the general manager of our company, was invited to participate in the conference with the other HUAWEI partners, the leaders of the HUAWEI China and the head of the headquarters, and opened the new prelude to the module business in 2015.

At this meeting, our company was awarded the 2014 outstanding partner award of HUAWEI terminal. Chiang always took the award and made a concise and firm prize of winning the prize: firmly with HUAWEI, we Beijing Sachs de Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. tried to double the sales of products in China in 2015.

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