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Simplified Applications Facilitating Fast Product Development. We provide a series of AC-DC modules and DC-DC modules to simplify the power supply design and facilitate fast development and smooth evolution of products and solutions.

AC-DC Module

The AC-DC module series consist of modules with enclosures and encapsulated brick structures. It features small size, light weight, and high efficiency and reliability. The output voltage can be flexibly configured, adjusted in a wide range, and features high precision. It supports full-digital control, can be used in various scenarios such as telecom, industrial equipment and instruments.

DC-DC Module

The DC-DC module adopts the industry-leading topology, process technology, and isolated synchronous rectifier design. It features high efficiency, high density, and a wide input and output range, and supports remote enabling, switch control, and output voltage adjustment. It can be widely used in servers, storage devices, datacom and wireless communication devices, industrial devices, instruments, monitoring devices, and test devices.

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