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Touch Controler:GigaDevice is the largest one-glass solution (OGS) supplier with touch control chips that support high-resistance ITO materials, single-layer multi-touch, and super-narrow borders. The touch control chips offer 26 to 72 wide channel options and support screen sizes from 1 to 20 inches.The touch control chips feature TP proximity sensing to turn off the screen and gestures to launch applications while the screen is off. GigaDevice ships nearly 100 million touch control units annually, accounting for approximately 80% of the general tablet market.

Fingerprint Recognition:GigaDevice launched its first 6*6mm capacitive fingerprint sensor in 2014 and under OLED optical fingerprint sensor in 2018. Over the years, we have become one of the leading suppliers of the front, rear, and side capacitive and optical solutions for flagship and high- to mid-range smartphones.GigaDevice also supplies embedded capacitive solutions for smart door locks with a surface area of 8*8mm or less and capacitive solutions integrated with power buttons for Windows notebooks. We are working on providing even more high-accuracy, secure, and reliable software and hardware fingerprint recognition solutions for future IoT, industrial, and vehicle applications.

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